Dedication & Building Youth——JGST's 2021 College Student Induction Training Successfully Completed
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/07/23

In order to further strengthen the standardized management of newly recruited college students, shape the sense of teamwork, enhance the quality of hard work, simplicity, hardship and stand hard work, and show the vigorous and courageous spirit of Jinggong people, JGST organized the 2021 session recently. A series of training activities for college students. The training was based on a teamwork model. After two days of classroom training, one day of factory visits and two days of concentrated military training, the induction training for college students was successfully concluded, and the new employees are also befriended with each other.

[Opening Ceremony]

On July 12, the opening ceremony and pre-job training for the 2021 college students of JGST was held in the administrative conference room of the department. The general manager assistant, Chen Liang, and other company leaders attended the opening ceremony. Faced with energetic and expectant faces, the company leaders emphasized that the training aims to help students adapt to the company environment and technical work as soon as possible, complete the transition from student to professional person, and effectively improve internship and work quality.

[Classroom training + Workshop training]

The on-boarding theory training lecturers are respectively the heads of various departments and business backbones. The lecturers combine their rich practical experience, coupled with common case studies in the practice process, to teach new employees practical cutting-edge theories, and help them understand the work content faster and get into the actual field work better before officially taking the post. After the classroom training, the new employees went to the workshop, and realized the learning process from practice to theory, and then to practice guided by theory.




[Military training]

Cao'e River, scorching heat

They never fear, neither shrink

Neatly lined up to show style

Fists and feet like the wind and strengthen ability

Born with wings, but also willing to crawl on the ground

Just for military discipline as iron and will as steel

Military training brings the core spirit, and hope carrying full meaning within this short time


From July 14th to 15th, new college students carried out a two-day militarized regiment building training in the Zhejiang Military Cultural Park by the Cao'e River. Compared with classroom learning, this training focuses more on the spiritual test and running-in of new employees. After two days of military training, the new employees felt exhausted, but everyone sighed that this was a precious experience in life. During the military training, it was emphasized that the team awareness and overall situation awareness should be actively used, which not only strengthened the body, but also tempered the will and cultivated. The style of hard work has established a strong quality and a good sense of collective honor, which has laid a solid foundation for future work, study and life.


They said: "Although we have endured a lot during the training process and people are tanned, we have learned a lot. Together, everyone helps each other, encourages each other, and shares experience with each other, so that we can integrate into the group more quickly and give play to my own ability."


They also realized: "Military training journey is painstaking hard journey, but we are youthful spirit, vigorous and magnificent, passionate. However, it’s easy in the beginning and hard to keep to the end. By not forgetting the original aspiration, you will get ultimate achievement. This journey not only strengthened our physique but reshaped the soul even more. We will continue to move forward with the spirit of 'Strive, Unity and Persistence'!"


So far, this induction training has been successfully completed. It is believed that the new college students have deeply integrated the cultural values and mission vision of JGST into their own ideas during this learning journey. Sincere congratulation to the new employees for their successful graduation, and hope that everyone will work hard, consciously strengthen professional learning, increase their identification with the company, awe at the position, and understand the spirit and responsibility of the predecessors. In the near future, hope you will bring more individual energy to JGST. 

The way ahead is long, I shall search high and low. Let us go hand in hand to create a better future for the company!