Jinggong robot added a "quality character standard" group standard
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/09/06

Recently, mainly drafted by Zhejiang Jingong Robot intelligent equipment Co., LTD. "Motor stator core laser welding equipment" standard approved by Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation and issued, as the "product standard" group standard, no T/ZZB 2206-2021, will be implemented from September 13, 2021.


As the drafting of the motor stator core laser welding equipment standard of the main unit, since its inception the working group, fine work robot has after the market research, application of standards, plea came, application of project startup, for advice, assembly, multiple links such as expert evaluation, fully attaches great importance to the technological transformation, process improvement and system innovation, Focus on the development of the "Zhejiang Made" group standards on the appearance requirements, functional requirements, precision requirements, operation requirements, welding quality, welding qualification rate, electronic control system and safety requirements of the motor stator core laser welding equipment, and the standard review meeting will be held at the end of July 2021. At the meeting, experts attending the meeting gave full affirmation to its advanced nature and operability, and unanimously agreed to pass the evaluation of the standard. The formulation, release and implementation of the standard of "Motor stator Core Laser Welding Equipment" will standardize the production of motor stator core laser welding equipment, promote industrial technological progress, improve the market competitiveness of products, and enhance the brand image of "Zhejiang Made".


Jinggong Robot long-term focus on laser welding robot system and laser welding technology, accumulated deep industry experience, from the laser welding semi-automatic production equipment to the automatic welding production line, from the test equipment to production equipment, can according to customer requirements, personnel, production site conditions, product technology demand factors such as overall design, has multiple projects independently, Application and authorization of more than ten patents, among which "pump impeller laser welding machine" is made in Zhejiang certification. In the future, Jinggong Robot will continue to focus on laser welding and automation equipment and seek high-quality development of the industry.