Implement safety responsibility and promote safety development——Jinggong Science & Technology continues to promote the activity of "safety production month"
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/09/09

In order to thoroughly implement general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on safety in production and firmly promote the three year action of national special production safety regulation, focusing on the safety production theme of "implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development", Jinggong Science & Technology carried out a series of "safety production month" activities throughout the company from June to August.

「Organize fire safety training」




On July 7, the company held the 2021 annual fire safety training, which specially invited ju'an fire teacher Zhang Guangyao to give lectures to our company. Teacher Zhang explained to the employees the knowledge of fire law, fire safety management, fire accident disposal, fire escape and self rescue and mutual rescue, listed several typical fire safety accidents in Shaoxing in recent years, and analyzed the current situation of enterprise fire safety, employees' fire safety awareness, three-level fire responsibility system, etc. in simple terms, It also focuses on the practical knowledge of fire hazards existing in daily production and life, how to put out live fires, and how to use all kinds of fire extinguishing equipments. In addition, combined with the operation process and experience of firefighters, teacher Zhang also popularized the correct response process in case of fire to the employees. Through this training, employees have enhanced their awareness of fire safety, improved their ability to prevent fires and put out initial fires, laid a foundation for dealing with fire emergencies and emergency risk avoidance in the future, and provided guarantee for enterprise safety and personal safety.

「Innovative safety production network learning」

From July 8 to August 31, in order to actively respond to the notice requirements of Zhejiang emergency management department on continuing to promote the safety training for millions of employees, our company organized 67 cadres and employees to participate in the two-month safety production network learning. During this period, the cadres and workers were highly motivated to learn, focusing on the knowledge of enterprise safety production inspection, hazard and hidden danger identification, common risk control methods and basic principles, safety management of special equipment, prior prevention and accident prevention, hazard identification and job hazard analysis, so as to improve their understanding of safety production and master relevant skills of safety production, The awareness of "safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai" has been established. Cadres and workers have promised that they will, as always, serve all work with the concept of "no security, no everything".

「Hold special safety training」



On August 14, Zhejiang Jinggong Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held a special safety training, and the heads of production workshops participated in the training. The training carefully publicized and implemented the workshop level safety requirements, team level safety requirements, the construction of safety risk management and control system, as well as the repeated analysis of safety accident cases and on-site safety hazards in previous years. At the training site, each workshop director and the person in charge of production management department signed a safety commitment. After the meeting, all workshops took positive actions to gradually carry out the positioning work according to the predetermined plan, first set up a benchmark area / model area, and gradually promote the implementation to all workshops.

「Organize three-level safety education and training for new employees」


On August 31, in order to fully implement the company's "three-level safety education" requirements, improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of new employees, and promote the safe, stable and rapid development of the company's production and operation, the company organized 54 new employees to participate in three-level safety education and training. Starting from the concept and purpose of safety, this training expounds the significance of the company's safety education and training, the role of safety management in the process of production and operation, and the significance of compliance to the company's development, personal life and property and even the family. At the same time, combined with the actual production and operation of the company, this paper analyzes the possible safety risks faced by employees in different positions of the company from the aspects of human unsafe behavior, material unsafe state, lack of management and poor environment, and focuses on the preventive measures taken by our company in risk prevention, labor protection and safety emergency.

The whole training process adopts the combination of theory and practice. The explanation of the training teachers is easy to understand, simple and fascinating.Through the training, the safety awareness of "I am responsible for my safety, I am responsible for the safety of the enterprise and I am responsible for the safety of others" has been established in the hearts of new employees, which has laid a good foundation for new employees to establish the safety policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment" after they set foot on their jobs.

「Carry out high temperature consolation activities」

Since the fall, the continuous high-temperature weather has "roasted" the company's production and affected the hearts of the management leaders. On July 30, Ding Hongwei, chairman of the trade union, led the trade union condolences group to the production line of the workshop, visited the production personnel sticking to the front line, and sent towels, shampoo, shower gel and other condolences. The condolence group inquired about the production and living conditions of front-line employees and said, "you've worked hard, so you should pay more attention to rest." The greetings and care of the trade union leaders made the front-line employees feel more cordial. During the on-site communication, the condolences group expressed the hope that the front-line employees would pay attention to self-regulation while sticking to their posts to prevent heat stroke; At the same time, the condolence team communicated with the person in charge of the production department, requiring the production department to strictly implement the work of on-site labor protection and heatstroke prevention and cooling, scientifically arrange the work and rest time, "work at both ends and rest in the middle", and timely and fully distribute heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies to prevent high-temperature heatstroke and production safety accidents, Ensure the physical and mental health of employees and the safety of production and operation.

「Carry out major troubleshooting of hidden dangers」

The company regularly organizes and carries out comprehensive safety production inspection within the whole plant every month, focusing on fire safety, electrical safety, workplace environmental safety, special equipment safety and other links. For the hidden dangers and problems found out, they are required to be rectified immediately, and preventive measures are taken in the later stage. The rectification rate is 100%, and various potential safety hazards are effectively eliminated. At the same time, each workshop shall timely manage and inspect the daily safety protection equipment and safe operation behavior of employees, timely correct all kinds of violations and violations, and eliminate the risk of industrial accidents. There was no major safety accident this year, and the safety production situation was generally controlled.

 "Safety is above all else, and responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. Strengthen the awareness of the red line and ensure safe production". In recent years, the company has firmly adhered to the insurmountable red line of "development must not be at the expense of safety", solidly promoted various activities of safety production month, made employees deeply realize that "safety is the top priority of work", and all production work must take safety as the premise to resolutely curb the occurrence of production safety accidents. In the future production work, the company will also continue to establish and improve various safety rules and regulations and ensure their long-term implementation, fully implement the safety production responsibility system of all employees, make every employee become the "protagonist" of the safety month, take the opportunity of carrying out the safety month, take practical actions to effectively implement preventive measures, and do a good job in supervision and assessment, Curb and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents from the source and details, strive to create a safe, orderly and harmonious production and living environment, and lay a more solid foundation for the safe and harmonious development of enterprises.