The third staff basketball game of Jinggong science and technology hot opening
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/10/21

Unity deepens friendship, hard work creates brilliance. Golden Autumn October, osmanthus fragrance, the third basketball game of Jinggong science and technology as scheduled opening.


On October 19, the basketball game opening ceremony held in the company dormitory area basketball court, administrative basketball team, textile machinery branch company basketball team, building machine branch basketball team, carbon fiber & energy equipment basketball team, robot & constant data and precision manufacturing basketball team six teams assembled again, fighting for titles, for the team honor. Chen Liang, assistant general manager of the company, Ding Hongwei, chairman of the trade union, and representatives of various subsidiaries attended the opening ceremony.


Manager Chen stressed that the basketball tournament aims to enrich the spare time life of employees, build up their bodies and inspire their enterprising spirit. At the same time, Manager Chen also reminded athletes to pay attention to personal protection and guard against injury. Ding Hongwei, on behalf of the trade union and the organizing committee, thanked the companies for their active cooperation and hoped that the athletes could show their level and style in the competition. Then, the athlete representative and the referee representative take the solemn oath respectively.




The tournament opened with a game between the administrative basketball team and the Carbon Fiber & Energy Equipment basketball team. At the beginning of the game, the administrative basketball team gave full play to the advantages of stable lineup, with tacit cooperation and reasonable tactics, hit a wave of 8-0 opening, successfully occupied the initiative of the game; Carbon fiber & Energy Equipment Wing, due to the combination of the competition, although the personnel are relatively complete, but lack of tacit cooperation, the opening slightly inferior, more passive. The executive basketball team is steady and steady, and the score continues to climb. The carbon fiber & Energy equipment basketball team is slowly cooperating in the competition, running in the lineup and gradually getting into a good situation. Behind in the second half began to chase, reshuffling administrative basketball team, the two sides, you score on the looms, the first half but the score gap is bigger, unable to reverse and final administrative team to 59:36 win the first game, after the mutual regards, greet the audience, give full play to the spirit of friendship first competition second. So far, the prelude of the third employee basketball game has been opened, in the following half a month, six teams will fully show team strength, struggling, to the champion launched a powerful impact.