JGST Participated in the Webcast of the 130th Canton Fair
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/10/26

Recently, the 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly launched. After five days of offline exhibitions and online live broadcasts, the Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. This is the first time since the epidemic that the Canton Fair has been converged both online and offline. As a large-scale steel structure equipment manufacturer, offline display is greatly affected by showroom space limitations. At the same time, in the context of low-carbon economy, combined with the digital transformation policy, in order to better promote the company’s products and image, the building machine branch of JGST chose "Cloud" live broadcast this time, combined with rich videos, 3D, VR, workshop on-site operation and other forms to more comprehensively demonstrate the company's advantages and promote our products more effectively.


Taking into account the work and rest time of most target customers, the online live broadcast time period is the afternoon of the exhibition every day, in order to reach more customers, attract more traffic, and lay a solid foundation for order conversion. In the live broadcast room, the anchor leads customers into our production workshop through the camera, bringing customers the most intuitive viewing experience, and strives to win every customer who comes to watch, guides them to direct online negotiations, and answers questions in real time, providing technical communication and strives to promote the landing of orders. After 5 days of live broadcasting activities, it successfully attracted many interested customers to consult and discuss.


In recent years, PU line has become one of the main products, and its domestic market share is far ahead of other manufacturers. Therefore, the focus of this live broadcast is also on the PU line, and the workshop’s PU line products are the real focus of online visitors. In response to customer needs, the anchor explained all aspects of the PU line equipment, component structure, configuration function, workshop environment to the final product, etc., giving the customer the most intuitive and detailed introduction, and finally gained praises from many online customers, continuing to establish the leading role of domestic steel structure equipment.